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Company Profile

Bringing professionalism into each family and create a better life are the mission of Cristal family of kitchen appliances. Functionality, efficiency and modernity are the criteria for the conception and design of Cristal appliances.

Cristal, which originated from Italy, combines the talents of Italian engineering designer Mr. Gianni Pedrogchi. Within the family of Cristal appliances, we created an innovation collection of modern appliances available today. Aesthetics and pragmatic are intermixed in each Cristal product, with meticulous attention to every detail by using quality materials. Each high-end product is tailor made for everyone to most enjoyable living.

All of Cristal products design and development are based on innovations that are thoughtfully cultivated, based on extensive consumer insight, to meet every consumer and professional functional needs. Our products range includes both gas and electric hob, dual fuel hob, induction hob, cooker hood, electric oven, electric steamer, built-in microwave oven, washer, dryer, refrigerator, kitchen TV, wine cellar, water purifier system, built-in sterilizer, electric water heater and waterproof bathroom TV. Each of the product category covers functionality, efficiency and usability to ensure that they can meet customer expectations so as to enhance a better life.

In terms of quality, Cristal aims to fall in line with nowadays kitchen to provide multi-functional, modern and well-designed products for each customer to enhance the quality of life-style. Popular materials such as ceramic and tempered glass, brushed stainless steel and solid aluminum plus dirt-resistant coating have been adopted to be used widely. Handles, buttons and knobs are solid and well-defined, designed with great sense of touch as to enhance a better life.

Cristal sets a high quality standard, functions perfection anf innovative design to achieve the identification in today's moderm society...



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